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Mar 07

"The Chin Chens" Trailer Down...not a good sign -

According to this article by Ernie at 8asians.com, the trailer for the Asian-American sitcom “The Chin Chens” sucked. Unfortunately, you no longer get a chance to see it on youtube. It’s been unceremoniously pulled by the producers; apparently because the trailer was meant as temporary focus group. I’m guessing the series will last about as long as the trailer. 

Mar 01


Jan 28

Glass Ceiling Re-installed in Time for Oscars

Remember last year’s Oscar Awards? It seemed like all kinds of glass ceilings were shattered. Kathryn Bigelow was the first woman to win for Best Director, and Geoffrey Fletcher became the first African-American to win for Best Screenplay for Precious. Mo’Nique also kicked up some shards with her Best Supporting Actress nod (also for Precious).

Guess how many women are up for Best Director Oscars in 2011? Zilch! How about people of color in acting roles? Nada! (And, no, Javier Bardem is not Latino, he’s European. So, again —NADA! Muy nada!)

Wait, wait, come to think of it. There is one person of color.

Hallie Steinfeld of True Grit is Filipino/Jewish. The 14-year-old from Thousand Oaks, CA gave an Oscar-worthy turn in her very first feature film role. And as young Pinays go, that qualifies as the BEST…DEBUT… EVER!!!!

Jan 27

How to “Win the Future?” Lose a Few of Those Latinos

Last night President Obama gave his first State of the Union Address after the Democrats lost control of Congress in last November’s mid-term “shellacking.” It was also his first major speech after his rousing eulogy at the memorial for the Tucson shooting victims. His address was also significant in the unique symbolic nod to bi-partisanship displayed by many legislators who sat next to a member of the opposing party rather than sit on opposite sides of the aisle.

Obama’s speech was primarily a rallying cry for America to “Win the Future” by investing in new industries, education, and the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. He also made a plea for comprehensive immigration reform including passage of the DREAM Act which would allow children of undocumented aliens a path to legal citizenship if they enroll in college or enlist in the armed forces.

In terms of immigration reform, however, Obama’s policy so far seems to be increased enforcement, stepped-up deportations, and more work-place raids. Given that the supposed future we’re trying to win will include a two-fold increase in the Latino population by mid-century, you’d think there would be more emphasis placed on real, permanent immigration reform.

But with the rise of the Tea Party as power brokers in the Republican controlled House, you can bet crossing the aisle for reform will be as dangerous as crossing the border.


Jan 23

R. Kel-limba

What is with musicians and underage girls and urine?

According to this post on Guanabee.com, “Kalimba [the 28 y/o popstar accused of raping a 17 y/o girl] took a piss on-stage while he was djing in an attempt to impress Daiana [the accuser] (WTF?).”

WTF indeed! In high school, I was under the delusion that chicks would dig me after I got the lead in the school play. If I had only known that 17 year old girls would swoon if I took a leak on stage, it would have saved me a lot of needless rehearsal time.

Well, at least he didn’t actually shower her goldenly with it, I’m assuming. Unlike some other popstars you might know.

This story is getting more and more outrageous (and convoluted) by the minute. So stay tuned.

Two Changs Forward, Three Steps Back

Here’s an interesting article about the Asian kids on Glee.

According to the author, Glee gets it mostly wrong when it comes to Asian stereotypes. In fact, he accuses the writers of being downright lazy and questions Hollywood’s minority hiring practices (both in front of and behind the cameras) that seem to be getting worse, not better.

It makes me wonder how Latinos feel about Santana (the cheerleader slut) and how African Americans feel about Mercedes (the sassy overweight black girl). Judging by the aforementioned descriptions, I’m guessing some folks got issues.

I also find it interesting that they went with two Asian characters. Demographically speaking, there are waaay more Latinos in America. The Latino population outnumbers Asians fourfold, yet, as far as I can tell Santana is the only person of Latin descent in the entire state of Ohio.

Oh, wait, except for maybe some of the saucy bad girls in the “Hairography" episode.

New episodes start airing on February 6th, so stay tuned to see what becomes of Mike and Tina.